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How to buy a $10 position in FutureNet Matrix

Here is a tutorial on How to buy a $10 position in FutureNet Matrix

What you will need

1.Your payment method

2.Your Computer

A lot of people are asking how to buy a $10 position in FutureNet Matrix, so I thought I would put something together to help! not only for my team but i’m also very happy to share with others also.
There is so much excitement right now around FutureNet to be totally honest with its important to buy your place in the matrix as soon as soon as you can so you don’t miss out! I strongly recommend you learn How to buy a $10 position in FutureNet Matrix and start your journey today.

What Are Matrix

In FutureNet there are six different matrix show below. You reach this page to page by logging into your account, then click Business located on the left half way down it looks like thisScreen Shot 2016-05-08 at 22.06.00.You will then be shown a list of options and the one you need is shown called Business. Or if you wish just click on the image and it will direct you to your page, if you are already a member, if not and you want to get start now use my link here
The SIX Matrix
You are shown the 6 matrix these are priced at $10 $12 $50 $100 $500 $1000, this idea here is you purchase the first on 10 dollars and now you have joined the matrix, you can also show people this business and when they join they will land in your matrix under you. So this means you start to earning an income every time someone lands in your matrix. I you brought the $10 and the $25 you would have now two matrix so if people join those again they would be in your team and you would earn from them. It can be frustrating and a waste of money if you bring people in and they go higher that you, so once you have really understand FutureNet go is as Royal positions if you want fast results and good income this certainly is the best way. They you are not loosing out.
Most people work out very quickly that the best matrix to have is the 1000 this means you will have all the matrix and the biggest possible change to earn large sums on money from people you introduce or spill over from those above (these are people higher up called our uplinks when they recruit because this is a forced matrix you spaces are filled for you. Is not guaranteed but does happy if you are in a good proactive team like this one!.
Six FutureNet Matrix
FutureNet MatrixSo are you will see you can buy you FutureNet Matrix like this.
because you reach the highest matrix you have to ensure you have already purchased the ones below. This is a one time payment!
As you can see all mine are colours in so i have all 6 matrix.
I paid $1685 to get my Royal Position.
Buying Your Matrix,
I recommend use Nettler its very popular and easy to use.
Here is a short video which will help

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FutureNet New Payment eWallet

Coming soon: The FutureNet eWallet payment system

This week we have signed the contract for the new FutureNet eWallet payment system.
Most probably we will be able to go online in about 6 weeks.
Everybody will have the chance to open a personal account.
Your highlights:

  • Several languages available, absolutely simple handling
  • Open your account anywhere WORLDWIDE – just with your ID card or passport
  • 13 different currencies
  • No account limits
  • In-going payments via PAYPAL, credit card, bank transfer, bitcoins and many more
    FutureNet MASTER CARD
  • Withdraw money via FutureNet MasterCard up to 10,000 $ per DAY
  • Unlimited transfers to your own bank account
  • Unlimited transfers via bitcoin
  • Your own bank account in Hong Kong

These features and many more extras render FutureNet and the FutureNet eWallet system the most splendid offer on the entire market!

Upgrades of existing products and introduction of new products

We are currently revising our products to improve our offer with additional opportunities.
In the upcoming weeks, we will surprise you with a large number of innovations.
After upgrading our existing products we plan to introduce new products.

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FutureNet Momentum System

FutureNet Momentum System will be online in a few days.
The Momentum System show you how to create an earning potential of over 40,000 $ already with the smallest premium membership as a FutureNet MEMBER with a single investment of just 10 $!

Every FutureNet member may activate the entire system with a SINGLE investment of 1,000 media points (=10 $)!
We provide you with a variety of landing pages, an auto responder, a website with the complete declaration and many more features.
In the future, we will be adding more and more languages. Become part of this opportunity by investing only 1,000 media points / 10 $.

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Learn How FutureNet and its Matrix System Works

1- First of all, do you know how the Matrix system works on FutureNet.Club?

Here is a quick 4 minutes video that clearly explains how FutureNet and its matrix system work (thanks to team member Michael Zavitz)

It is really important to learn how FutureNet and its matrix system works so that you have full understanding of the company and what it can offer you!

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FutureNet Matrix

Here is a little information about what the FutureNet Matrix is.

Their are times when a company comes on the scene and we think, huh, that’ll be interesting. Then their will be companies that come along that will make you stop in your tracks and say WOW! I need to get involved with that somehow, whatever it takes, because they are going to change things!

Well folks, I believe we have that company standing before us right now with FutureNet and the FutureNet Matrix.

This company is turning heads everywhere and gaining the attention of some of the biggest internet marketers out their. I have never seen this kind of buzz about a company so quickly and gaining the attraction that FutureNet is gaining. It’s really quite mind boggling. They have so many features and so many ways to make money it’s absolutely crazy. They really do have something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned marketer, a social media wizard, a revenue sharing advertising guru, or you are just getting started, looking for some simple ways to make money online. If you fit into one of these categories you seriously need to take a look at FutureNet. Because they are going to be a game changer, I truly believe That.

You can make money with the social media platform, you can also buy AdPacks and share in the companies revenues and their are also multiple other ways to earn an income, but what I want to share with you today is The FutureNet Matrix, this thing is crazy and the potential of it is phenomenal. My hope in the next few paragraphs is to explain what the matrix is, how you can benefit from it, and possibly get you really excited about it.

FutureNet Matrix?

I’ll do my best to explain this and try not to get to technical doing it, because their is a lot to understand. Simply put! this is where you grow your team into a nice big tree, like a pyramid. They use what’s called a 3×10 forced matrix. FutreNet MatrixA 3×10 matrix is simply this, you get 3 people who join your FutureNet team then they get 3 people and so on until you reach 10 levels deep. Now the thing that makes this so awesome is being a forced matrix you also get people in your tree from your up line as well, this is called this spillover. With a spill over your team is also being built for you not just based on your own efforts, now obviously the more effort you put into this yourself the faster it will grow.

There are 6 matrixes you can buy into, each for a one time fee (catch that, only once) and each one gets filled, so obviously purchasing all six will make you the most money. Each matrix will max out at 59,049 members in that tree and you get a commission for each of those members based on which matrix they fall into. As a side note this thing is just getting started and now is the best time to get your position’s and reap the benefits of getting in early on. Now I’ll see if I can give you a visual of what this looks like. If you want to see better pictures then just go ahead and join free and you can go right to your back office and have a look see, remember it’s free to join FutureNet.

Once you’ve joined for free and you’ve gotten a pretty good feel of how to navigate the site. You’ll want to head toward the Business tab just to the left of your main page. Their you will begin your journey into the matrix. You will see Friends Tree Back office. Click on that and you will see the six upgrade matrix options to choose from, you will have to choose where you want to start. Once you’ve decided where you want to begin it will take you to the next page where you can purchase your matrixes. Here you will see you have all kinds of options for payment methods and there are more being introduced in the near future.

Once you’ve purchased your positions in the FutureNet Matrix you will then be able to start getting yourself familiar with how the program works.

Each matrix works out something like this.

Oh and by the way I’m just going to cover the basics on how the matrix works. I’m not even getting into all the Bonus’s that come with certain achievements reached in the matrix. You can read more about this in the FutureNet Business Plan.

PREMIUM MATRIXESFuturenet Premium Matrix


Matrix 1= $10.00 Member – 1000 media points – 5% commission= $0.50 Total 59,049= $29,524.50


Matrix 2= $25.00 Member – 2500 media points – 5% commission= $1.25 Total 59,049= $73,811.25


Matrix 3= $50.00 Member – 5000 media points – 5% commission= $2.50 Total 59,049= $147,622.50

Total $250,958.25

BUSINESS MATRIXESFuturenet Business Matrix


Matrix 4= $100.00 Member – 10,000 media points – 5% commission= $5.00 Total 59,049 = $295,245.00


Matrix 5= $500.00 Member – 50,000 media points – 5% commission= $25.00 Total 59,049 = $1,476,225.00


Matrix 6= $1000.00 Member – 100,000 media points – 5% commission= $50.00 Total 59,049= $2,952,450.00

Total $4,723,920.00

That don’t look to shabby to me, how about you? Now this isn’t going to happen overnight, but with the way the matrix is structured once the momentum picks up it will move fairly quickly, many people are already earning large sums of money as their FutureNet Matrix fills.

To learn how to buy a $10 Matrix Watch this short video.

Something I should point out when you purchase a spot you can’t just pick any spot and start their, for example you can’t just join the $100.00 matrix and call it good. Each one is an upgrade to the next. So if you want the $100.00 spot you will have to pay for the 3 spots before it. So FutureNet has set it up so you can do that, you can buy them in packages and that will set you up with matrixes in all spots that you want. Again using the $100.00 matrix example if you wanted that spot you would pay $185.00 to cover all 4 matrixes. Wherever you choose you will pay for any matrixes that come before it.

If you decide to go all in at once, you can pay a one time fee of $1685.00 and you are all set. If that doesn’t fit your budget you can start with the $10.00 spot and work your way up from their. It’s whatever works best for you, but as you can see from the numbers above, getting to royal as quickly as possible will be most beneficial to you.

As you can see this is really a no-brainer, the numbers speak for themselves. The benefits financially are astounding at what could happen. I should also include the little disclaimer that these results are not a guarantee and they may not be the same for everyone, but with hard word commitment and dedication there is no reason why you could not earn a life changing sum of money with FutureNet.

I hope that this has been informative for you. I do hope this creates some excitement in you to want to get started right away.

Do you remember those times when you come across an opportunity and think to yourself, man I wished I could have been involved when they first started, where I’d be if I had only taken advantage of it when I had the chance or wasn’t their and missed the chance completely. Well the opportunity is here and it’s right before you. Why not give it a try!, like I said earlier it’s free to join. At least give it a try if nothing else you have another place to socialise with your friends and family. Oh and you can get paid for that too, but I’ll save that for another time.

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Is Futurenet a Scam

When you see a great business opportunity online which offers so many incentives you can only think to ask yourself the million dollar question?

How long is FutureNet going to last?

The truth of the matter is anything in life can come and go, so my theory has always been to get stuck in, with what you can afford to loose and whatever you make is a bonus! this way it doesn’t really matter. However, it is worth noting that FutureNet is not a new company and has already been around for a number of years, you can ready more about who owns FutureNet and what is FutureNet.

If your wondering Is Futurenet a Scam! then I would recommend you do your research on the company first! You can join for free and take a look around the site and get a feel for things. Many people are already earning good incomes with FutureNet and you can also. There is nothing to lose as it is FREE to join.

If perhaps you want to earn a little more you can Buy AdPacks and earn from the revenue share.

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What Is FutureAdPro

FutureAdPro is a revenue share model which launching in April, 2016.

The advertising packages cost $50 and they also grant you with a revenue sharing position going up to $60 as company sales comes in.

Depending on your membership you could have from 100 (free) to 1000 active “Adpacks” ($180/year membership) at maximum.

You will also earn a commissions on every sales you generate for the company. Depending on your membership, your referrals commissions will be paid on one level (3%) or several: with the best membership, it would be 5 levels (8%, 4%, 1%, 1%,1%).

The paid membership also grant you access to services such as a “landing page system” allowing you to create stunning landing pages for your advertising needs.

FutureNet (a social media network) is active since end 2014.

It allows you to connect and network with other entrepreneurs just as you do on Facebook — except that you are getting paid for some activities (such as logins and being active for a certain duration).

FutureNet have a six tier matrix ($10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000) which allows you to earn “Media Points” and earn commissions / bonuses.

Those media points can be used to order some services such as landing page system, video production, cloud storage, blog or web templates and more. It also increase your limits on the social network (post per hours, messages to non-friends, pending invitation and more).

Both websites, FutureNet and FutureAdPro, are tied on the same database. One signup and you can access both (with the same login details).

Your referrals, on 5 levels deep, become your “friends” into the social network which make it easy to connect and grow your reach pretty fast. (Personally crossed 1000+ contacts in 4 days! And there is no 5000 contacts limit like in FB).

Here is some extra features which sounds cool on the revenue share:
(+) ID verification (cheater protection).
(+) Extra value to the service through “filtering” (gender, age, location and more).
(+) Holiday mode (up to 50 days).
(+) Android and iOS application.
(+) Vouchers, Point system and more.

Once signed up for FREE you can find out the business plan, presentations, videos and marketing tools in multiple languages so now you know all about What Is FutureAdPro why not get started today!

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What is Futurenet

What is Futurenet

Futurenet is a company who’s aim is to encourage its users to have fun online, whilst enjoying the fantastic multimedia products this company has to offer.

Futurenet also provides it’s members with a Social Media platform similar to FACEBOOK where it’s members can join for FREE and make friends as well as use it’s products and services. There is also an online opportunity where you can money with Futurenet, many of it’s users are already making large sums of money, so there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

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Futurenet offers you an excellent platform to earn income online!

To help you learn more about what is Futurenet and how it can help you earn an income when using social media, here is a little more information for you. The internet has evolved in many ways over the years, I am sure you will agree! Futurenet’s aim to take its platform to a whole new level whereby, providing a reliable platform which hosts some outstanding products and services and to also offer a business opportunity which is second to none.

Futurenet Is A Real Company  – YES of course!

Roman Ziemian Roman Ziemian Futurenetand Stephan Morgenstern Stephan Morgenstern Futurenet are joint CEO’s at Futurenet there office is based in Poland, they have a company vision which is to create the first social network platform that has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realise their full potential on the Internet. The company also has a strong mission statement, which says that they are the most innovative social networking platform that connects and inspires people around the world to pursue their potential on the Internet, providing them with constantly new products and creative solutions. What is Futurenet and what is the security of this company, well! any company who wants to survive in this modern ere of online marketing has to back up its claims with high quality products and services. I can truly say that only after a few short weeks using their products and services they are indeed excellent. Futurenet have some core business values which are as follows.   Futurenet StaffFuturenet Office

  1. The passion with which we create
  2. Provision of products and services that they use with pleasure
  3. The professionalism, continuous development and commitment to excellence
  4. The constant search for new and better solutions
  5. Open communication with partners, customers and employers
  6. Co-operation and trust
  7. Honesty and credibility

If you are looking to earn an extra income online using a new social media platform which will also help you meet new people. Futurenet is perfect for you! Go ahead and setup your free account I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as many others, thank for taking the time to read this post about What is Futurenet and we hope now you have a better understanding. Don’t forget it’s free to join so why not get signed up and join today!

Futurenet HeadquatersFuturenet Flags

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FutureNet fantastic Online Marketing Products

There are 3 main online areas, in which FutureNet is active: these are Social Media, Multimedia and online earning opportunities. However, you will find that FutureNet offers so much more. They have a fantastic range of product and services and all of the products are user-friendly and may be accessed in different languages, FutureNet is suitable no matter where you are from in the world!

They have the following products and services

Future Leads
Future Landing Page System
Future Blog
Future Cloud
Future Games

Why not register for free and have a look, you wont be disappointed!

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