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Upgrading to the Royal matrix with Credit Card

Here is a quick guide to learn how to Upgrade to the Royal matrix with Credit Card.

Because the system will only allow $500 transaction at a time we have found that this process is the simplest and works every time.

1. Log into your FN account

2. Go to business then friends tree

3. If you are a new member click on upgrade on the $100 matrix (this will charge for the 1st 4 matrix’s $175) and pay with your credit as normal

4. Return to you matrix’s and complete the same process as above but upgrading to the $500

You have now purchase the first 5 matrix’s using your credit in 2 transactions, please note you can’t do this with the $1000 as the system only allows $500 per transaction.

So the next steps slightly differ!

5. When in your back office go to the commission tab and scroll down the deposit money

6. Change the amount in the top box to $500 and then use the same payment process with your credit card (this will ultimately load $500 into your account balance.)

7. Duplicate points 5 & 6 for the 2nd $500 load. (You have now loaded 2 lots of $500 into your account balance.

You can now proceed and upgrade to the $1000 Royal matrix

8. Click on upgrade under the $1000 matrix in the screen that shows your 6 matrix’s

9. This will take you to the payments page, scroll down and in FutureNet balance you will see your $1000 click on this box and that the job done

**Please note if your balance is not showing $1000 refresh your screen to update, or wait a few minutes and it should appear in your wallet.

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